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D 26 septembre 2013     H 12:30     A Social Democratic Party of Kenya     C 0 messages

Social Democratic Party of Kenya (SDP) Condemns, in the strongest terms possible the heinous and cowardly terror attack at the Westgate Mall, Nairobi.

SDP also expresses condolences to the families of the workers, patrons, relatives of victims and all Kenyans and non-Kenyans whose loved ones have been killed or injured in this terrorist attack. We wish quick recovery to all those who have been injured in the attack.

We congratulate the patriotic efforts of all those who are directly and indirectly involved in the rescue operations at the Mall and at the various hospitals. We are in solidarity with the Medics, the Kenya Red Cross team, the civilians and the Security forces that are still working tirelessly to solve the present difficult hostage situation.

We should not speculate, neither should we be silent

We also ask the Kenyan public to avoid speculations and allow the police and the security agents to conduct their operations and investigations so as to bring all those involved to justice.

This, however, does not mean that we escape the responsibility of pointing out the weaknesses and lack of vigilance by those who are responsible for security within our borders. We have in the past pointed out the fact that the Kenya Police, under the leadership of IG David Kimaiyo has been occupying itself with futile matters ; for instance the power struggles against the Constitutional Police Service Commission ; or trivial issues like when they use a lot of its resources in dealing with issues while criminal gangs continue to terrorize and kill Kenyans in Tana River, Nairobi, Isiolo, Wajir, Bungoma and other regions in the country. The Security infrastructure has been using huge resources to spy upon good citizens, ‘to manage’ peaceful demonstrations and curtailing civil rights in the city, whereas terrorists groups continue getting space and time to organize, causing a lot of pain to the residents.

We are not saying that terrorist acts and attacks can be fully stopped, but we insist that the security arms in this country need to get their priorities in order.

Avoid Generalizations

Even though the initial witness reports from the media indicate that some of the assailants could be of Muslim faith, and that some were seen to be of Somali origin, we ask Kenyans to avoid any generalized condemnation of any religion or ethnicity, but instead join hands and act together in the fight against terrorism, since history, including our recent experiences here in Kenya have shown us that terrorism knows no colour, race, religion or ethnicity. We should not allow the terrorists to succeed in dividing our country along religious and ethnic lines.

September, month against global terrorism

It is a sad coincidence that the attack at Westgate Mall has occurred in the month of September, a month globally dedicated to the global war against terrorism, especially terrorism that is organized and planned within the United States of America, and exported throughout the world. SDP had/has organized several events against global terrorism, which included talks in the Universities, movies and discussions at Ufungamano Centre, and even a presentation of a petition against US President Barrack Obama condemning his country’s hypocritical stand on the war on terror, where on one hand they condemn terrorism, and on the other hand continue to jail the Five Cuban Anti-Terrorist Heroes. SDP has always maintained that the war against terrorism cannot be won by double standards or through imperialist hegemonistic policies.

Kenyans should not be cowed

SDP asks the Kenya government and the African Union not to relent, but rather to intensify the efforts of bringing peace and stability in Somalia and the region despite the cowardly response from terrorist organizations like Al Shabaab.

Benedict Wachira,

Secretary General of Social Democratic Party of Kenya (SDP)