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The Voi Declaration, Organising Kenyans for action towards the 4th Liberation - 2022 think outside the box !

D 31 juillet 2021     H 06:00     A Communist Party of Kenya     C 0 messages

Communist Party of Kenya (CPK) Shirikisho Party,KADU Asili, Umoja Summit Party and Republican Congress Party together with CIDI movement have jointly declared :

1. That as the political parties based in the coastal region of Kenya, we will continue to meet and work together to inspire the citizens of the region to fight for the political and economic rights of the coastal people and Kenyans at large who are being exploited, oppressed and fleeced to the last drop of blood.

2. That the coalition we are working to build is not founded on a tribal basis or the exclusion of other Kenyans but to bring forth an inspiring and Uniting political movement which will bring together all Kenyans who are fleeced, exploited, oppressed and taken advantage of regardless of backgrounds and ethnicities and to organize politically and Vie for political power to bring forth the much needed liberation.

3. That we strongly and firmly condemn, unequivocally and in no certain terms the leaders and leadership of the coast region that are voted into power year in year out yet offer no solution to the dire issues facing the people of this region but only take care of their stomachs and issues surrounding their political class that affects them and nobody else. It is for this reason that we come together in search of alternative leadership and alternative politics to fight and deliver our liberation. We need and we fight for alternative leadership to unite us to achieve the following :

1. Continue meeting and working together to fight for the political and economic rights of the coastal people and Kenyans at large

2. Politics not of tribe but organizing all Kenyans and especially the oppressed to attain liberation for all

3. Refuse to work with leaders from the coast or Kenya at large who do not bring about change and offer a political option. Through :

a. Fighting for land, land resources and to eliminating the squatter issues in the region ;

b. To ensure that our Human rights issues are respected. We are tired of seeing the youth of the coastal region being attacked, arbitrarily arrested, terror profiled, kidnapped and even killed by the police every day on baseless accusations. The rights of the coastal people and the Kenyan peoples at large MUST be upheld and respected ;

c. The rights of Citizenship of the Coastal people MUST be upheaval and respected in the same manner. People of Coastal origin like all Kenyans at large MUST be furnished with Registration documents such as Identification cards and Passports without discrimination.

d. Deal with issues of the coast region by meeting regularly through the political parties to fight for political and economic conditions of the Coastal region and Kenyans at large.

4. That the political parties based in the coastal region will continue to conglomerate to inspire the coastal People and Kenyans at large to elect political leadership and that brings a political and economic structure in the country that heralds equality of all classes of people devoid of Opression and exploitation of any kind of person by person.

5. That we will work with other like minded organizations both public and private towards the activities, organizing and realization of the liberation of the coastal region and the country Kenya at large.

Booker Ngesa Omole

National Vice-Chairperson

Communist Party of Kenya