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Soudan : Let us put an end to this horrific war.

D 15 mai 2023     H 05:30     A Sudanese Writers Union     C 0 messages

(Over the sound of gunfire and cannons).
To the masses of our steadfast and patient people,

The Sudanese Writers Union vehemently rejects the protraction of this heinous war, joins in solidarity with all national and international efforts to *put an immediate end* to it, and will work with everyone to achieve peace and security for our people, leading to a civil and democratic state. When the Sudanese Writers Union speaks out against the war, it acknowledges the awful implications for every square inch of the country’s territory and cautions that it will only lead to destruction, ruin, and rupture.

This absurd war has exacerbated the humanitarian disaster and resulted in complete devastation of all aspects of life in our country, destroying civilian life, dispersing safe families, and endangering everyone’s welfare.

The Sudanese Writers Union rejoices in the triumphs of the glorious December revolution, believes in its peacefulness, raises its immortal chants of freedom, peace, and justice, and believes that the peaceful revolution is the people’s choice. Aware of the consequences of the war at this sensitive historical *juncture* with all its local and international complications, and the catastrophic results of continuing the war, the Union calls on all Sudanese to unite in a solid civil front to stop the fighting and destruction before this deadly drama turns us into a tragic play whose title would be a homeland called Sudan.

Glory and eternity to the martyrs.

Urgent recovery for the wounded.

A successful return for the missing.

Sudanese Writers Union

Khartoum on May 9, 2023