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Soudan : Against repression in Sudan

D 9 mars 2011     H 18:54     A     C 0 messages

Today the Alliance of political Parties called for mass demonstrations in Central Khartoum. News reaching us indicates that the security forces have detained com. Mohamed Ibrahim Nugud , the Secretary General of the Sudanese Communist Party and ABd Alfatah Rufai a trade unionist, on their way to the mass meeting.Both were released a few hours later.

The police made several arrests,including a number of female activists. Recently the security organs made several detentions to opposition activists. Numbers are yet confirmed but the total number of political detainees exceed 40 activists.

We shall keep informed of further developments. Keep the pressure on the Sudanese embassies and government.Demand immediate release of all political detainees. Demand respect of democratic rights and liberties in the Sudan. Demand respect to the right of peaceful demonstrations.