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Soudan : Déclaration des organisations de la société civile

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Resistance Committees statements : - TAM (Alliance of Demand-based Campaigns) :

Coordination of the Khartoum State Resistance Committees

(Urgent Statement)

Revolutionary women and men, sons and daughters of our brave people, the country has slipped into the abyss of armed strife, driven by the madness of the military, igniting the fires of destruction and bloodshed.

Therefore, we, the Coordination of the Khartoum State Resistance Committees completely reject war, and declare loudly that there is no to war, long live peace ! Our glorious revolution has begun and triumphed through peaceful means, its brave sacrifices, and our continued unity and rejection of tribal and racist mobilisation.

Our brave people, the country is going through a historical moment that has never occurred in modern Sudan’s history. We urge all national civilian and political forces to uphold Sudan’s unity, our people, and our land. We call on them to ring the alarm bell and work to create the largest front for peace and protect the Sudanese revolution from collapse.

Citizens and honourable revolutionaries, until this critical stage passes, we ask you not to succumb to the incitement and counter-incitement speeches that have already started to spread from the warring parties. Please preserve the safety of your neighbourhoods and cities, and do not engage in any calls for violence or carrying arms.

Our national duty is to raise slogans of peace, fill the earth and space with the voice of wisdom and reason, reject fighting, and fill the country with hymns of peace.

May God save Sudan and protect its people.

Glory to the martyrs.

Bahri Neighbourhood Committees

Coordination of Resistance Committees in East Nile South

Coordination of Resistance Committees in Old Omdurman

Centre for Resistance and Change Committees, Dar Al Salam, Imbada

Ombada Neighbourhood Committees

April 15th, 2023

Sudanese Journalists Network

Press Statement :

The Sudanese Journalists Network condemns the targeting of Al-Jarida newspaper headquarters this evening, which resulted in shrapnel falling inside the premises and damaging some equipment.

Additionally, the Sudanese Journalists Network also condemns the assault and detention of the BBC correspondent Mohamed Mohamed Osman by the military forces while on his way to work.

We have also received reports of three colleagues from the East Channel office who have gone missing while covering events in the Marawi area, and we hold the authorities responsible for their safety. We call on all parties involved in the conflict to stay away from civilian areas and refrain from targeting journalists while performing their duties.

The Secretariat of the Sudanese Journalists Network will be in session and monitoring violations, and we urge our colleagues to follow safety procedures and report any violations.

Sudanese Journalists Network

Appeal :

The Sudanese Journalists Union appeals to the warring parties to stop the fighting and open safe corridors for civilians stranded in conflict areas, as well as for medical personnel and staff to reach hospitals and treatment centres. The union also appeals for the opening of safe corridors for the students of Kamponi schools who have been stranded in their schools in central Khartoum since morning without food or supplies, and whose number exceeds 250 students. The union requests that they be allowed to return to their homes, along with the families and residents trapped in the vicinity of central Khartoum near conflict areas, and be permitted to leave for safe areas.

April 15, 2023.

No to Women’s Oppression

Statement :

To the security committee of the overthrown regime, militias, and all armed groups, we say to you : put down your weapons.

The arms race in our country takes up more than 80% of our education, healthcare, and development budget. It destroys our agricultural and mineral resources, and all of this is done to direct weapons towards our chests and our loved ones.

What has been happening since the morning of April 15th, 2023, of violence, killing, and war in all cities of Sudan, has pushed our country into a war waged by those who cling to power and the nation’s wealth for their personal ambitions and the interests of foreign countries, disregarding the demands of our great people’s revolution for a civil state, dissolution of militias, and returning the military to their barracks.

We, at the ’No to Women’s Oppression’ initiative, affirm with reason, awareness, and faith that there are no winners in war. The Sudanese people reject any military rule, and there is no popular support for any of the parties involved in this chaos.

Central Sudan Doctors Committee

Urgent appeal

Hospitals in the capital city of Khartoum, which are currently under the burden of war, are facing difficult and complicated circumstances due to the isolation and shortage of medical staff, supplies, and consumables. The situation has worsened due to the use of some combatant forces to seek refuge in hospitals and use them as military strongholds, which exposes patients, workers, and facilities to numerous risks and threatens the lives of innocent people.

Attacking hospitals is considered a crime against humanity, and they have their dignity and integrity even in times of war. Therefore, we call on the warring parties to abide by ethics and basic principles when dealing with health institutions during wartime and refrain from using them as military sites to confront the other side.

May God protect the people and the country.

The Committee’s Media

April 17, 2023

Resistance committees’ statements – TAM (Alliance of Demand-Based Campaigns) :

Coordination of the Khartoum State Resistance Committees

"Important statement to the Sudanese people"

We are not neutral, because we have been in a peaceful battle since the era of the deposed Bashir until now, against the militarisation of the country and the control of guns in the streets. We started with our peacefulness and will continue with it to achieve our goals against all parties of the ongoing war in the country’s streets. Al-Burhan and Hemeti are enemies of the revolution and the revolutionaries. This is the path that we started with, and through it we will prevail, because we are against war and against any outcome that leads to it. Both party in the war do not care about the safety and security of our people. Therefore, we urge them not to settle their scores among innocent civilians.

We call on the revolutionaries in the neighbourhoods to organise themselves in the current situation and to prepare to provide our people’s basic needs in their areas according to the current circumstances.

We ask the Resistance Committees in each neighbourhood to do the following, as they see fit :

 Monitor the situation on the ground and report on what is happening in and around each neighbourhood periodically to prevent rumours and to relay the facts as they are, to be a reliable source for our people.

 Establish medical rooms for injury possibilities and to be prepared for any emergency.

 Monitor the conditions of the supply of materials in the neighbourhood, especially with the possibility of the current war lasting longer, and check on the conditions of our people in these difficult circumstances.

 Monitor the security situation in the neighbourhood and ensure that children and elderly are kept away from conflict areas.

 Raise the slogan of “No To War” and not respond to any calls for arming, as they will lead us to civil war. The only loser from war is the people, so let’s unite to overcome it.

We call on all civil and humanitarian organisations, as well as the Red Crescent, Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, and the Preparatory Committee of the Sudanese Doctors Union, to activate their role in providing first aid to the wounded and injured and transferring them to safe places, and to provide assistance to the Sudanese people to overcome this crisis.

Finally, we pray for all innocent citizens who have fallen and count them as martyrs in the eyes of God. We wish a speedy recovery for the injured and the wounded, and a safe return for the missing.

May God protect our people

The military should go to their barracks, and the Janjaweed to be dissolved.

Coordination of the Khartoum State Resistance Committees

April 16, 2023

Signed by :

Haj Yousef Revival Committee Gathered

Bahri Neighbourhood Committees

Coordination of the East Nile South Resistance Committees

Coordination of the Greater Omdurman Resistance Committees

Coordination of the Khartoum State Resistance Committees

Report on the current situation in Sudan as of Today, Monday 17 April 2023 10:00 AM (UK Time) :

Residents of the capital city, Khartoum, woke up this morning to the sounds of airstrikes and multiple fighter jets flying low over eastern Khartoum, specifically in the neighbourhoods of Sixtieth Street and Khartoum North, which includes the neighbourhoods of Kafouri and Al-Amlak, as well as the area east of the Nile. They also heard heavy bomb explosions and gunshots, which are still ongoing.

Many citizens have reported that electricity has been cut off in most neighbourhoods of Khartoum, Bahri, and Omdurman. Water services have also been completely absent for more than 40 hours since the beginning of the clashes.

Since the start of the clashes, many citizens, including women who were working in food vending in front of university buildings, have been trapped in separate places such as university dormitories and the Faculty of Engineering, University of Khartoum. Calls for help have come from several companies and buildings, where those trapped citizens are suffering from poor humanitarian conditions due to a lack of food, water, and medical care.

Many of those trapped attempted to leave to return to their homes during the ceasefire called by the United Nations Mission yesterday, but the two military parties did not comply with the ceasefire, despite their promises to do so in their official statements. Civilians were shot in the streets during the ceasefire period, resulting in many injuries and the deaths of more than four people, including a student at the University of Khartoum and a female doctor. This forced them to return indoors again.

For the third day since the start of the clashes, it has been impossible for citizens to bury the bodies due to the continuous shooting. Several messages have appeared on social media from trapped citizens demanding safe paths to bury the bodies of the dead who were with them. This is considered one of the worst humanitarian and health crises ever. Eyewitnesses have also reported a large number of corpses in the streets since the beginning of the clashes, which have started to swell and decompose.

Women are experiencing extremely poor health conditions due to the closure of pharmacies, which makes it difficult for them to obtain feminine care supplies and pads, as well as to reach hospitals for pregnant women or those about to give birth. There has been a noticeable decrease in the number of shops that are still open, with bakeries and pharmacies closing their doors. This threatens a shortage of food, medicine, and daily necessities, especially infant formula, medicines for chronic diseases, first aid, and basic food.

The World Health Organisation has reported that the number of casualties in Sudan has reached at least 83 people, and 1,126 others have been injured since the outbreak of the recent events.

Internet service and electronic banking applications are still operating in many areas of the capital, but there are constant threats to cut services by order of the authorities at any moment.

The Preliminary Committee of the Sudan Doctors’ Trade Union has demanded the provision of safe paths for the evacuation of doctors who have been working since the first day of the clashes to enable them to be replaced by other doctors. The committee has also indicated that hospitals suffer from an acute shortage of medical equipment and health supplies. On the other hand, the Central Doctors’ Committee has condemned the fall of a stray rocket in Bashaer Hospital, south of Khartoum, which threatens the lives of medical staff and patients.

There is no confirmed news about the security situation in the regions of El Fasher, Nyala, and eastern Sudan today.

The Khartoum State Water Authority has issued a statement that its employees were unable to repair the water networks, many of which were damaged by fire.

Political parties, local and international organizations, and countries have been urging both parties involved in the conflict to immediately cease fire, stop the clashes, and return to the negotiating table to protect the lives of civilians.

A special session of the Security Council on Sudanese affairs will be held today. Additionally, many African regional leaders have expressed their willingness to come to Khartoum to meet with the conflicting parties and try to resolve the situation.

Source : Issam Khalafallah (Sudanese activist)

Central Sudan Doctors’ Committee


Evacuation of Al-Shaab and Al-Mualim Hospitals due to the exchange of gunfire, falling shells, and live bullets on the hospital walls, despite the appeals we have been making since the first day.

We also regret to inform that the patients at Al-Shaab Hospital had to be transferred to the Khartoum Hospital, which was formerly the kidney department. The transfer was carried out amidst fear and anticipation of shelling.

Committee’s Media Office

April 17th.

Preliminary Committee of Sudan Doctors’ Trade Union

Important and Urgent :

We had previously urged the conflicting parties not to target healthcare facilities, but what happened was exactly the opposite. Hospitals and healthcare institutions in Khartoum and other Sudanese cities were subjected to shelling with artillery and firearms, causing extensive damage to the Al-Shaab Educational Hospital, Ibn Sina Specialised Hospital, and Bashayer Hospital due to the mutual shelling between the Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces in the surrounding area.

The shelling caused the complete shutdown of the Al-Shaab Educational Hospital and Khartoum Educational Hospital, causing confusion and fear among medical staff, patients, children, and their companions.

This shelling constitutes a clear violation of international humanitarian law and agreements that stipulate the protection and neutralisation of healthcare institutions from targeting.

Yesterday, the Police Hospital was evacuated and is now completely out of service. The Al-dhaman Hospital in Al-Obied was also closed after being stormed by the armed forces.

We would like to point out that the International Hospital in the city of Bahri is suffering from power outages, and fuel for the electricity generators is running out, endangering the lives of intensive care and surgical patients.

We call on the international community to compel the conflicting parties not to target healthcare facilities, open safe passages, and allow ambulance vehicles to pass through. We also repeat our appeal to humanitarian organisations to extend a helping hand and take urgent action to evacuate the wounded and provide intravenous solutions, blood bags, and medical supplies.

Preliminary Committee of Sudan Doctors’ Trade Union - Media Office

17 April 2023