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Soudan : Refusing to Use the Refinery as a Weapon of War

D 5 juin 2024     H 06:00     A Engineers’ Syndicate Restoration Initiative     C 0 messages

We, the Engineers’ Syndicate Restoration Initiative, have been monitoring calls circulating on social media platforms, originating from certain unscrupulous individuals, urging the Sudanese Armed Forces to attack The Khartoum Petroleum Refinery in Al-Gaili area in Khartoum-North, in retaliation for the murder of the martyred First Lieutenant (Retired) Mohamed Siddiq. Such calls can only come from those who do not value the lives that will be lost, the infrastructure that will be destroyed, or are ignorant of what they are talking about.

Since the start of this accursed war, we have witnessed that all parties to the conflict, whether the Janjaweed militia or the armed forces commanders, do not care about the Sudanese people, their lives, or their wellbeing. They have occupied residential areas, turning them into targets for their cannons and aircraft. The militia has also occupied water resources and essential services, using them as weapons in this cursed war. Despite the fact that all of these actions are illegal under international law and constitute war crimes, neither side has ever been concerned about the transgressions and crimes they perform against the Sudanese people.

Based on our experience with these practices, we call on and warn the warring parties against using the refinery or any other Sudanese infrastructure as a weapon of war, whether by occupying it and taking shelter in it, preventing and disrupting its operation and services, or targeting it as happened in the targeting and bombing of the Shambat Bridge and other vital facilities. We are aware that such repeated propaganda campaigns are a clear indication of the continued commission of such crimes under the cover of hysterical cries from electronic media groups affiliated with the fallen regime’s apparatuses.

Our Noble People :

We warn of a major catastrophe if the refinery is targeted as the war drums demand. The expected impact of the explosion will extend over dozens of square kilometers, threatening the lives of tens of thousands of residents and, of course, all other forms of life within the blast radius. The environmental impact will also be catastrophic and devastating, extending for hundreds of kilometers due to air and water currents. This is not to mention the long-term and destructive economic impact on what remains of the country’s economy, whether at the direct material level of destroying billions of dollars or from the extension of the negative effects due to the stoppage of local production of refined petroleum, cooking gas, and other derivatives used in agriculture, production, transportation, and other production and service sectors.

Our Patient People :

The occupation of the refinery and surrounding areas, including ammunition factories, security service warehouses, and others, by the terrorist Janjaweed militia and their use against our people is a war crime and a terrorist practice. However, this never justifies targeting these facilities militarily and destroying them, putting the lives of thousands at direct risk.

This accursed war will come to an end, either willingly or unwillingly, and present leaders will rush to shake hands and share positions and resources. But we’re here to stay and will seek justice and persecution. We hold them accountable as a historical lesson, so that our retribution will provide life for future generations.

Engineers’ Syndicate Restoration Initiative

21 May 2024