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Sudanese professionals reject Guterres’s call to accept Hamdok-Burhan deal

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The Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) Friday rejected calls by the UN Secretary-General to accept a deal struck by Prime Minister Hamdok and the coup leaders in Sudan.

In a joint press conference with the chairperson of the AU Moussa Faki n December 1, Antonio Guterres said Sudanese should support the compromise because it paves the way for democratic transition.

“I believe that questioning this solution, even if I understand the indignation of the people, would be very dangerous for Sudan,” he further stressed.

This call transgresses “the will of the Sudanese street, which rejects this agreement and its outcome. Further, it dictates to the Sudanese what they should do (…), said the spearhead of the Sudanese revolution.

The SPA underscored that Guterres repeated the threats of the coup leaders when he warned about dangerous consequences if they continue to resist the military and reject their deal with Hamdok.

The Sudanese professionals further called to hold Guterres accountable for endorsing the justification advanced by the coup leaders and disregarding the mandate of the United Nations to preserve and protect fundamental rights, especially freedom of expression.

Stéphane Dujjarric UN Secretary-General Spokesman on Thursday sought to clarify Guterres statements about the political agreement signed by Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdo and the coup leader Abdel Fattah al-Burhan on November 21, 2021.

Dujarric stressed that the deal was an “initial step” but more work should be done by the military rulers.

“Urgent and serious steps by the authorities are needed to reaffirm the commitment of the Constitutional Declaration and pave the way towards free and fair elections leading to a civilian democratic order,” he added.

Guterres’s statements dismayed many Sudanese. Several political leaders declined to comment but confessed they were surprised by this “unexpected support” to the junta.

In a statement on November 22, the Forces for Freedom and Change rejected the Hamdok-Burhan deal saying it breaches the goals of the revolution and the key reforms paving the way for democracy in Sudan.

The political coalition, which co-signed the constitutional declaration with the military component in 2019, pointed to justice for Darfur crimes and killing of civilians in Khartoum before and after the revolution in addition to the reforms of the security sector that place the army under the authority of the civilian government.

On December 2, UN Secretary-General Representative in Sudan met with the head of the Sovereign Council al-Burhan to recall him that they expect further steps to consolidate his deal with Hamdok before the resumption of international support to Sudan.

” I reiterated that while we cautiously welcomed the 21 Nov agreement as a first step towards the return of the constitutional order, the agreement itself does not constitute a return to this order and that other critical steps need to follow,” said Perthes.

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