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Nigeria : Labour Party or TPAP-M what alternative for 2023 and Beyond ?

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We suffered from 16 years of PDP rule followed by six years of APC - so far. For the corrupt elite this has meant looting on a grand scale and economic growth that has increased their wealth beyond their wildest

For the rest of us we have had increased poverty, inequality and associated corruption. In the last couple of years this has resulted in a massive increase in crime and insecurity.

So in 2023 we are looking for an alternative. But where will that come from ? On the Socialist Labour website we have a debate over the two main possibilities.
Joseph S. Ndirang of the Labour Party argues that it is strange that most people do not know that the Labour Party is the baby and brain child of the Nigerian Labour movement alongside its civil society allies. He says that it will take the present Leadership of the NLC and TUC to take the bull by its horns to address the issues
in the Labour Party. This will enable the resources and membership of the trade union movement to provide a political alternative.

In contrast, Jaye Gaskia and The Peoples Alternative Political Movement (TPAP-M) are committed to the emergence of a mass workers party and the socialist transformation of Nigeria.
The movement has plunged itself into intervening in the struggles of the working peoples – organising with the people who are fighting back and resisting exploitation and repression, and actively building solidarity and support for the struggles of the people.
The Peoples Alternative Political Movement (TPAP-M) can be contacted by email tpapsnigeria@gmail.com
or Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/TPAPsNigeria