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Nigeria’s Health Service

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Of Nigeria’s 190 million population, just 5% is covered by health insurance, with over 90% of healthcare paid for privately.

Illness creates a huge burden on these people who the lack social protection to support them in times of need. The impact of absent universal care trickles down to all levels of society.

Starting at an individual level, many forego treatment due to an inability to pay for it. Of the families that do pay for healthcare when in need, many are forced to sacrifice other basic necessities, such as food and education for their children, under the financial strain imposed by healthcare.

In Nigeria, for every 1 Nigerian Naira that the government spends on health, 2.5 Naira is spent on defence.

In 2015 alone, malaria killed 182,284 people in Nigeria ; diarrheal diseases killed 143,880 ; and 212,557 women and children died during pregnancy and childbirth.

Source from http://socialistbanner.blogspot.fr