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3 weeks course for social movement activists

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For three weeks activists from all over the world get together to discuss and study global affairs from a Marxist perspective. This course is a unique opportunity to go in depth with developments that challenge social movements. How to understand and respond to the economic crisis ? How are social movements affected by climate change ? What are the implications of the Arab revolts and the rise of China ? These are some of the key issues raised at the yearly political education course hosted by the IIRE in Amterdam for three weeks from November 20 to December 11.

The course is a place for activists from different backgrounds to meet and learn from each other, and from the people who give the lectures. The course is conducted in English, French and Spanish with simultaneous interpretations. We recommend people to take part in the entire course, as all topics are interlinked and we wish go in depth with the inter-connectedness of current challenges.

However, for people who are not able to block three weeks in a row it is also possible to take part in one or two modules.

The participation fee varies for different parts of the world and will be as follows :
(’First World’/’Global South’)

- Three weeks : 450€/225€
- Two weeks : 350€/180€
- One week : 250€/130€

Participants are expected to take active part in the course by attending all lectures, group discussions and read the materials. The course is self-organized, which means that the participants are responsible for daily cooking and cleaning.

The participation fee varies for different parts of the world. Please send us an email if you are interested !


The draft programme :

Arrivals : Friday 20 November

Introduction to the course

First module : concepts in marxism

Saturday 21
Historical Materialism / place of marxism in history

Sunday 22
Mode of Production / Mode of Reproduction, women’s oppression in capitalism

Monday 23
Class : objective definitions, shifting contours, subjective expressions

Tuesday 24
Feminism, marxism and intersectionality

Wednesday 25
Relationship human society/nature, productivism

Thursday 26
Free day

Module 2. Deepening globalisation and its contradictions

Friday 27 : Long waves and crises : economic, ecological, civilizational

Saturday 28 : From the highest stage of capitalism to globalisation : imperialisms and sub-imperialisms, uneven and combined development

Sunday 29 : Climate, food crisis, energy and peasant struggles and migration

Monday 30 : China’s global role : challenging the US ?

Tuesday December 1 : EU imperialism and the case of Greece

Wednesday 2 : US imperialism and the challenges it faces in the Middle East

Thursday 3 : Reactionary fundamentalisms and nationalism on the rise

Friday 4 : Free day

Third module : Strategic questions in changing the world

Saturday 5 : New parties of the left : reformism in opposition

Sunday 6 : Climate change and social transformation

Monday 7 : New horizons of international and anti-racist solidarity

Tuesday 8 : Democracy in society and state

Wednesday 9 : The feminist challenge in changing society, feminising our perspectives and our movements

Thursday 10 : The strategic importance of internationalism and the role of an international

Friday 11 : Evaluation